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Month: October 2019

Blueberries for detox

Blueberries are among a handful of readily accessible berries in the United States. They are packed with healthful polyphenols and other compounds that contribute to their ability to protect the body from toxins. (*1)  Thanks to their delicious flavor and familiarity, blueberries are one of the simplest foods to add if you’re looking for foods […]

Weightloss prebiotic

We’ve heard all sorts of promises from probiotics. Everything from healthy digestion, to glowing skin, more energy and sharp thinking, to of course – weight control. And yes, there’s no doubt about it – the right kinds of probiotics are scientifically proven to help you manage your weight, shed unwanted pounds, and be a cornerstone […]

Youthful metabolism

Have you ever wondered why young people seem to burn fat effortlessly… And why they have seemingly limitless amounts of “bounce off the wall” energy available to them? Over 2,800 published scientific studies point to the single main reason behind this. And it promises to change everything we know about weight loss.  It’s not about […]

should you eat organic

What you eat may be the single most important toxin-exposure factor that you have control over. When it comes to avoiding toxins in your diet, there are three main goals that you should have: buy organic food, avoid buying foods in cans or plastic containers, and avoid processed or fast foods. Tip #1: Buy Organic […]


Most of us have grown up with the expectation that our eyesight will deteriorate with age, believing this process to be both natural and unavoidable. Yet not everyone experiences worsening eyesight or ocular diseases as they age, begging the questions: What makes some of us lose our sight while others are able to see well […]