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Detox Food and Drink Series: Ginger for Detox

You’ve probably been given ginger at some point in your life to help with a common ailment, such as a cold, cough, or upset stomach. It’s a common ingredient in cold lozenges and teas, as well as concoctions for nausea or indigestion. Mainly because ginger for detox works really well.

Yet the benefits of this tasty spice don’t end there. Studies have found that ginger can help to improve the ability of the body to remove toxins. This benefit is especially valuable considering the toxic environment in which we live. Indoor and outdoor air pollution, carcinogens found in plastic and non-stick cookware, heavy metals lurking in our tap water, and a poor diet are just a few of the many examples of toxin exposure that we face daily. 

With its sweet and spicy flavor, delicious aroma, versatility in the kitchen, and impressive health benefits, we recommend adding ginger as part of your daily routine. It is a good step towards protecting your body from damage caused by toxic compounds.

Ginger and Detoxification Pathways

Ginger is a spice that’s demonstrated potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which are partly to thank for its wide-reaching health benefits. (*1) 

Many inflammatory disorders are caused not only by bacteria, parasites, and viruses, but also chemical toxins like pollution and cigarette smoke. The anti-inflammatory role of ginger can help to protect against this damage. 

The ability of ginger to reduce foreign chemical toxicity is partly attributed to its antioxidant properties. It has exhibited antioxidant capacity along with an ability to upregulate Nrf2 activity. (*2) Nrf2 is a transcription factor in the body that is key in regulating antioxidant systems and detoxification. In lab animals, deficiency in Nrf2 is tied to increased toxicity from a variety of sources, including environmental pollutants and drugs.   

Animal studies have even found that ginger can help to protect against liver damage caused by ethanol, suggesting that it may help to protect the human liver from excess alcohol consumption.(*1)

How to Get Enough Ginger

ginger for immunity

There are many simple ways to add ginger into your daily diet. The easiest option for daily use is to purchase ginger capsules, which are readily available at health food stores around the world. 

You can also drink ginger tea made from premade tea bags, loose leaf tea, or even shredded ginger steeped in hot water and filtered. Ginger tea with a small amount of raw honey can be delicious. Another popular drink with ginger is called golden milk, a drink made from milk, ginger, turmeric, and other spices.

You can also add ginger to many dishes, such as curries and stir-fries. It’s easiest to use fresh ginger by freezing the whole ginger root and using a small grater to grate the frozen ginger. There is no need to worry about peeling the outside as that part can be included in most any recipe that uses ginger. You can then use your grated frozen ginger in teas or food recipes.

Final Thoughts

ginger immunity booster

The food and beverages that we choose to consume can either protect our bodies from damage or damage them. Ginger is a root that is versatile, delicious, and incredibly good at helping our bodies to detox naturally. Try adding a daily ginger supplement or ginger tea to reap the health benefits that ginger for detox provides.


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