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New Weight Management Research: How To
Reactivate Your “Youth Metabolism”

Have you ever wondered why young people seem to burn fat effortlessly…

And why they have seemingly limitless amounts of “bounce off the wall” energy available to them?

Over 2,800 published scientific studies point to the single main reason behind this.

And it promises to change everything we know about weight loss. 

It’s not about an ultra-clean diet…
It’s not simply because they’re more active… (though of course, physical activity is great for everyone) 

It’s about something deeper: what’s really going on in your body’s cells.

You see, back in 1973, scientists discovered a fascinating “youth-enzyme” in our body’s cells. It’s called AMP-activated protein kinase. 

Or, AMPK for short. 

AMPK is known as your body’s “metabolic master switch”…

And in your youth, the AMPK switch is turned on, because your growing body and mind need lots of fuel. So food is quickly converted to that never-ending, youthful energy.

But as you age, this AMPK switch turns off, because your body begins to conserve energy for longevity. This means that excess food is stored as fat, and you feel tired more often.

This means our cells lose the ability to get rid of “cellular junk” picked up over the years, eventually leading to them breaking down. 

AMPK is like a busy maid for your body, keeping everything clean, tidy and running smoothly. And you know what that means?

Fat loss…
Clearer thinking…
Calories burned…
Blood sugar and blood pressure staying on an even keel… 

This also finally explains why regular diet and exercise have failed millions of Americans. 

If your switch is turned off, your body simply tries to hold onto its weight.

The point is this – if you could activate more AMPK on demand… 

You’d feel more youthful, more energetic, and you’d look like you lived in the gym. You’d have your “youth metabolism” back!

3 AMPK Activators

1) Balancing An Out Of Control Immune Response

Fat cells are like little inflammation factories, pumping out pro-inflammatory proteins around the clock. 

Anyone who feels sluggish, foggy, unmotivated or less mobile than they used to may have a bloodstream full of inflammatory proteins.

These proteins in the bloodstream can send “off” signals to AMPK, which makes sense: if the body thinks it’s under assault, it will conserve energy.

2) High-Intensity Interval Training

high intensity training

Long periods of low-intensity cardio are great for your health, but won’t do much to activate AMPK.

But on the other hand, short-burst, high-intensity exercise is a firestarter for AMPK. 

Think ten minutes of sprinting (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off)… that’ll really get AMPK going!

If you can stick it out, you’ll reap the benefits of high levels of AMPK in your body.

3) Calorie Restriction And Intermittent Fasting 

Calorie counting

Research has shown calorie restriction and intermittent fasting can activate AMPK. 

Calorie restriction is also scientifically proven to improve cellular health and extend life.

But of course, food is a big part of our daily lives. It can be hard to restrict calories. We’re human, after all.

So here’s where things get really exciting…

Dr. Sivieri has uncovered a brand new way to turn on AMPK naturally – without living off salads or chaining yourself to a treadmill.

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