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The Probiotic Weight Loss Mystery: How To Finally
Use Probiotics To Shed Unwanted Pounds

We’ve heard all sorts of promises from probiotics. Everything from healthy digestion, to glowing skin, more energy and sharp thinking, to of course – weight control.

And yes, there’s no doubt about it – the right kinds of probiotics are scientifically proven to help you manage your weight, shed unwanted pounds, and be a cornerstone component of your daily health and wellness routine. 

So let’s solve the probiotic weight loss mystery: Why probiotics can help you lose weight, why most solutions on the market actually fail to deliver on the probiotic promise, and how to finally use probiotics to shed unwanted pounds.

3 Ways Probiotics Help With Weight Management – Without Any Changes To Diet Or Exercise

probiotic weightloss

1) The Hunger Hormone Remote Control In Your Gut

You probably already know by now that there are over 24 trillion bacteria in your small intestine. And because of the standard American diet, unavoidable daily toxins, and things like antibiotics… 

For most Americans, there’s a massive imbalance of bad bacteria overpowering the good bacteria.

But what you may not know is that this balance of bacteria in your gut may heavily influence your hormones – in particular the hunger hormone, leptin.

An imbalance of bad bacteria in your gut can block the brain from receiving leptin’s signals, causing you to overeat and crave foods that aren’t healthy for you.

Research like the study in the British Journal Of Nutrition showed that the right kinds of probiotic supplementation helped leptin signals reach the brain, allowing subjects to feel more satisfied and ultimately help eat less calories with no extra willpower required.

2) The Inflammation Warzone

When the bad bacteria outweigh the good, your gut becomes a warzone of inflammation, and you suffer from gas, bloating and irregularity.

And if the gut can’t heal, this war spills over… first into your blood supply… then into your joints and your organs!

That’s why poor gut health can be a root cause of so many whole-body conditions: weight gain, sluggishness, fogginess, dull skin and even a foul mood.

bad mood inflammation

Flooding your small intestine with a daily dose of the right kind of good bacteria is the surest way to help manage a healthy inflammatory response, and improve the health of your gut.

And the benefits are clear: better digestion, less gas and bloating, improved skin and complexion, more energy, easier weight management, sharper thinking, and an elevated mood

3) Fat Is Leaking Straight Into Your Cells

The latest scientific research shows clear evidence that a bulging waistline can also be caused by a condition called leaky gut. Leaky gut is where “tight junctions” in your small intestine become damaged and ruptured.

In other words, your small intestine gets holes in it that should NOT be there.

(And it might not surprise you to learn that processed foods, and the additives that have invaded our food supply, are to blame) 

This can cause undigested food particles, toxic waste products, and yes… undigested fat to leak through your intestines and flood your bloodstream.

And we now know that this fat makes its way straight to your belly… leaving you saddled with an embarrassing spare tire.

But when you restore the balance of good bacteria in your gut by supplementing with the right kinds of probiotics…

The good bacteria produce molecules that keep your gut lining strong – preventing leaky gut, and preventing fat molecules from going directly to your waistline.

So Why Don’t Most Probiotics Actually Help You Manage Unwanted Weight?

Almost every probiotic on the market has one or more of these 4 fatal flaws Dr. Sivieri identified in this probiotic checklist.

flaws in probiotics & probiotic weight loss

For example, instead of using cheap bacterial strains that may actually cause additional inflammatory responses in the body…

Dr. Sivieri has identified special “probiotic weight loss bacteria” – bacterial strains that are scientifically proven by research to lower your waist size… with absolutely no other changes to diet or exercise.

So for people taking a probiotic that doesn’t pass Dr. Sivieri’s checklist, there’s a good chance they’re swallowing equal amounts of “poison and antidote”.

Click here to see Dr. Sivieri’s probiotic checklist, and how he solved these 4 fatal flaws of most probiotics with his “weight management probiotic breakthrough”.