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Dr. Mark Sivieri has created the cutting-edge formulas essential for a vital life. Vitalifi is for people who want to infuse every day with profound clarity and joyful energy.


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You’ll feel a surge of natural energy… profound clarity… and superior mobility with just two capsules of VitaCell+.

Backed by the latest science and packed with flavonoids – nature’s “miracle molecules” – the VitaCell+ formula helps protect your body against the constant attack of environmental toxins.

This unparalleled blend of the seven highest-quality antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds delivers the metabolic breakthrough your body needs to ward off everyday aches and pains, mid-afternoon slumps, and frustrating brain fog. Plus, over time, VitaCell+ supplies the tools your body needs to stay healthy and feel revitalized.

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Meet Mark Sivieri, MD

Dr. Mark Sivieri is a highly sought-after Integrative Physician, running the Sivieri Wellness Clinic outside of Washington, D.C., with a two-year waiting list for new patients. For more than 15 years, Dr. Sivieri has worked in the trenches, treating thousands of patients including professional athletes, politicians, housewives, and retirees. By listening closely to his patients, Dr. Sivieri uncovered the common denominators causing their health problems – issues that face almost everyone – and discovered which natural compounds worked to treat them.

Dr. Mark Sivieri

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